December 2015


Dear Friend of OSC,

Weíre still here! 2015 was a challenging year. In spite of the challenges - and they were big ones - it was a successful year in many ways. Together, we rescued and cared for more than 100 cats and kittens who were found outside or left behind, many needing emergency medical care and ongoing nursing care, some needing extensive surgeries. 

All of these cats and kittens are now safe, warm, healthy and loved because you helped them. Right now some are playing with their new best buddy.  Some are curled on a warm lap.  Some are sitting by a full food bowl, amazed that they donít have to scrounge for dinner. And itís all because we were able to knit together a series of events that needed to happen to get them there. That's the best of what we do together.

No more streets, no more sickly kittens (litter after litter), no more hunger, no more cold, and no more loneliness . . . because of your kind hearts and generous sprits.

One word comes back again and again: Love. The love our rescuers extend to a pregnant cat to get her off the streets. The love that is woven through the care and hard work that our fosters give every day.  The love when a donor sends in a contribution to help. The love when a supporter makes fleece beds and sends linens, food and toys. The love when someone shares on Facebook. The love you see when a family opens its arms and says: you are home forever. 

We couldnít do what we do without you. As 2015 comes to an end, please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible donation. Every penny donated supports the care and wellbeing of our cats and kittens.

So, címon 2016, weíre ready for you!  The Orange Street Catsí family of donors, supporters and fosters can do anything! But Santa, letís go easy on the challenges, OK?

Best wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season!


The Volunteers at OSC

P.S. If youíd like to make your donation online, please go to our website: Thank you!