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Foster Care Providers Needed!

Please consider fostering, or contacting a rescue group about taking in, one, two or more of the Orange Street cats! Many friendly cats are just waiting for a chance to find their forever homes - can you help them on their way? And please don't forget to ask friends, neighbors and relatives - fostering is a very rewarding experience without the permanent commitment!

What exactly is foster care for a cat? When you foster, you provide a home and daily care for the cat while it gets ready for a new home. Some cats come to us ready to go, and some cats may need medical attention or extra socialization. Cats that are ready for adoption go up on our Petfinder site and need to come to our adoption clinics regularly so they can meet potential owners. And don't worry--Orange Street Cats pays for everything! We provide food, supplies, and veterinary care. You just provide a home and your love. When you apply to be a foster home we'll work together to match you with a cat that fits your situation.

For more information, and tips for welcoming a foster cat, see our informative foster care sheet.

If you'd like to foster, please call us at 518-533-5242 or contact Orange Street Cats' Volunteers and submit this Foster Care Provider Application.

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