About Orange Street Cats

Our Mission

Mission and Goals

Orange Street Cats, Inc., (OSC) is a non-profit foster-based, all volunteer rescue organization in the Capital Region of New York. Our programs include a “Seniors for Seniors” forever-foster program that matches senior people with limited means with senior cats in need of love; an FeLV positive program; and our “regular” cats and kittens who are FeLV negative and not seniors. All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered prior to adoption placement and receive age-appropriate vaccinations. We tend to take in cats and kittens without a human advocate and those who require special care including veterinary care well beyond routine.

Because we take the cats few other groups will consider due to age (either very young or elderly), critical illness, surgery needs, and extensive nursing care, our veterinary costs tend to be very high. And because we tend to refer “easy cat” situations to other rescue groups for quick adoption, our average length of stay can be a bit longer than that found in some other rescues and shelters. All this makes our jobs a bit harder and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our History

Orange Street Cats (OSC) started by accident. In July and August 2010, a group of concerned people got together by chance to help with a hoarding situation on Orange Street in Albany, New York. Being told we’d find “a handful of cats,” we entered a condemned building, slated to be demolished, to find what turned out to be 88 cats – sick, pregnant, and newly-born. Much to our surprise even today, through a lot of hard work and awesome friends, those 88 cats found homes. And we decided that maybe, if we stuck together as a group, we could do some more good for cats in the greater Capital Region of New York. We were incorporated in 2011 and were designated a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization effective November 30, 2011.

Fast-forwarding to today, OSC continues to help cats without a human advocate. We take senior cats who find themselves homeless after their human passes away; orphaned kittens requiring intense care; injured cats needing surgery; and cats with FIV and FeLV. In short, those cats few other rescues will assist. We believe that we should focus on the cat in front of us. That means we often go to great lengths to give a cat a chance at happily ever after.