Autodata 3.18 Free Download Full Version [PATCHED]

Autodata 3.18 Free Download Full Version [PATCHED]


Autodata 3.18 Free Download Full Version

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How to import multiple JSON files to Postgres using DataGrip?

I have a large number of JSON files to import into a Postgres database.
I tried copying each file to a location and using Import utility to import the file contents. This was very slow because the files are large (10-30 mb) and I have 16 GB of memory available on my machine.
Is there any way I can import the files using a batch file or something similar?
I tried running the script below by using the same location as the source-file and using the same delimiter as the source-file but it didnt work.
COPY “E:\\shopping-directory\\input_files”
fieldname = ‘id’,
separator = ‘,’,
quote = ”,
escape = ‘\’

If it helps, the file is formatted as below:
“id”: 10012,
“lastName”: “Anonymous”,
“firstName”: “P”,
“lastUpdate”: “2018-04-22T01:03:47.712Z”,
“schoolName”: “Stevan”,
“birthday”: “2015-08-29T16:37:57.000Z”,
“email”: “”,
“couponId”: “Coupon-123”,
“avatar”: “”,
“gender”: “M”,
“followers”: 10,
“followerId”: 10012



I found a solution to my problem.
In the postgresql database folder go to postgressql.conf and edit the location of the input-file, which is specified in the input-format field.
I used $PGDATA/input_files and this worked as expected.
Do a quick search on $PGDATA to learn more about this variable.


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