Emergency Veterinary Care Funding

Emergency Veterinary Care Funding

Almost all pet owners have experienced a time or two when that unexpected vet bill arises and we scramble to find out how to pay it. It’s even worse when we are faced with a choice on funding the service or watching our beloved pet suffer. 

Here is a quick step-by-step guide that will assist you in identifying ways to help pay your veterinary bills.

2 Comments on "Emergency Veterinary Care Funding"

  • Vanessa lawhorn says

    My cat needs a vet has diarrhea. I called vet on central ave they said $70 to bring her in and that doesn’t cover the meds. Im on disability. Can u please help

    • Diane Mets says

      Please refer to our emergency veterinary care funding list for possible assistance. Orange Street Cats does not provide funding assistance.

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