Mystery is a Mystery

There has been a lot of activity around Mystery these days and Little Grace suggested we use her blog to compile the story so it can be viewed in one place.  Thanks Little Grace!

Little Grace: You’re welcome!  This just gives me an excuse to procrastinate on my own blog post.  I am super busy you know!
Yes, I know.  You have discovered a new friend.
Little Grace:  Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell!
We first posted the following update on Facebook on Sunday 6/2…..
Over that last few months, Mystery has made some incredible strides! She started to look up and use the litter box. We celebrate her victories with hearts filled with pride. Last Saturday (5/25), Mystery had a seizure and she was brought to the emergency vet. We were put on watch and wait duty until we could go see Dr. Bishop at Upstate Veterinary Specialties. She had a second seizure the same night. Her recovery time is slow….it is exhausting for her.
We saw Dr. Bishop on 5/29. Dr. Bishop performed some tests as the initial diagnosis phase. We thought she was stable until Foster Mom Diane observed a very BAD seizure on Saturday 6/1. We called the eVet who called Dr. Bishop. She has been put on anti-seizure meds until we can get a firm diagnosis and then treatment plan.
We already know an MRI and spinal tap are in order (already done). As a group, we are committed to Mystery and her care. This is likely going to be costly. That means that we will be tapping into our supporters for help again. We already have a couple of people who have sponsored some funds for Mystery’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Within the next couple of days, when we have our ducks in a row, we will post a fundraising plan (Plan posted!…See YouCaringfundraiser). In the meantime, please pray (or send light and love, Reiki, good thoughts) for Mystery. We certainly cannot continue to help these special babies without you. Thank you.
Well, We finally did get our ducks in a row and created the YouCaring fundraiser.  We have been so pleased to see the love everyone has for sweet Mystery.
When we created the YouCaring fundraiser on Tuesday 6/4, we added this information to the page…..
Mystery: What’s happening right now (late May 2013)
Seven days ago (Sat 5/25), Mystery started to have seizures that have progressively gotten worse.  We got her in right away with her neurologist. The initial tests were inconclusive.  The next step is to do an MRI and spinal tap in order to discover the cause of the seizures which will run about $2,500. We’re doing this for Mystery, to help get a diagnosis so we can give her a fighting chance at life. We’ve scheduled her tests for tomorrow.  If you can, please help Mystery by making a much needed donation today.
More about Mystery…
After an uncertain beginning, little Mystery, the kitten with neurological issues, has astonished us all with her progress over the last year and a half.  At first she was unable to walk, and now she runs, she needed help eating, after a short time she learned to eat on her own, she didn’t know how to play, now she chases the scrunchy ball and she didn’t understand where to ‘go potty’ and now she uses the litter box.  In her short life, learning the simplest kitten activities were a triumph that we all cheered!  It seems that with enough time Mystery could achieve almost anything and eventually become ‘normal’ cat.
The seizures…
Then, just a couple weeks ago, the seizures started.  At first, the seizures seemed scary, until the last one, which was far more intense.   We had already taken her to an appointment with her neurologist and just the day before we learned that the next recommended step for Mystery was to schedule an MRI and a spinal tap so that we could discover the source of the seizures. And that’s what we will do (and did!).
Mystery has come a long way because of our friends who’ve come to the house to cuddle and play with her and because of our caring Facebook friends who often send their well wishes, healing energy and prayers.  As we said above, the plan is to get Mystery the MRI and Spinal tap ASAP (completed Wed 6/5).  We appreciate any donation you can make and are grateful for your kind support.  Thank you for your generosity and thanks for caring about our special little cat named Mystery.
Since these posts, we have had many donations and some incredible words….
“Mystery is needed here to teach us about her gifts.” -Pat Hughes
Note Mystery’s pal Tabitha:
Dear Mystery, you go girl. It’s my turn to nudge you on. When I was beaten and broken and our foster parents were giving me a fighting chance at surviving, you nuzzled me, you played with me and you loved me so. You gave me hope. Even though I moved on to my forever home, I think of you and love you so. Get better my sister, there is do much more in life for you to do for all the little ones you help care for like Luther. Look how you helped him too. Prayers and all my love, your sister always, Ms. Tabitha
“You’re in good hands little one. Prayers to you” -Mel Collins
“Sending love and purrs to get well soon” -Luther, aka Mikey
Note from Tyra:
Mystery – me and my whole furmily are praying so hard for you. I’m trying really hard to get the money to help you Mystery. I will keep trying. Love, Tyra Natalie
We have also gotten many prayers, hearts, warm and positive thoughts from you, our amazing supporters.
As of Wed 6/5, 9:00 PM.  Mystery is was well enough to come home from UVS and is resting comfortably.  We expect to get test results and some initial diagnosis in a few days.  Please continue to watch Facebook for updates.
As always, THANK YOU!

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