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The Story of Curtis and “Keebie”

The Story of Curtis and “Keebie”

Hi All- Little Grace here!  Been a while.  I made a call out to all Orange Street Cats to share their story and Curtis stepped right up!    Here is Curtis’s story.  It is guaranteed to make you smile.  New to Orange Street Cats?  See this postthis post, and this one to learn about the beginning!  See here for an inside look at OSC.
Blinks and Purrs!

Madonna feeding her babies

My name is Curtis and this is my story. My cat mom, Madonna, was one of the 88 cats rescued from that awful Orange Street home in the summer of 2010. Madonna had 5 kittens. I was not born in the house (luckily). My foster Mom, turned adopted Mom, reminds me often just how lucky I am.  Some of my siblings did not make it.   I am the orange and white one with my foot on the dinner plate (cute from the very beginning!).

My human Mom really, really wanted me but the good people at Orange Street wanted to be sure we were not sick before we went to our foster or adopted homes.   Mom kept checking in and finally that nice lady, Chris, came to our home and gave my Mom a chance.   My Mom had already rescued 2 other sisters and raised them from a week old. (They are a bit aloof but hey…they’re girls)

Sisters: Mileek and Joey

I also met a really cool older cat named Tiger. He just loved kittens. He really seemed to thrive and get younger when kittens arrived.  He was 22.(he’s gone now and we sure do miss him) We learned a lot from him and think of him often.


Just when I thought this place could not get any more fun, that nice lady, Chris, told Mom that my brother Caleb (Mom calls him Keebie) was not doing so well.  He was very shy and just did not seem to be flourishing. Mom was really not sure; there were already 5 of us here. She agreed to foster Keebie and see if he adapted. Keebie was very shy.  Mom would hold him and he would curl up in a ball and hide his head.  It took awhile for him to come out of his shell and I stayed right by his side the whole time.

Me and “Keebie”

I was so happy to see my brother and soon he felt right at home (so much so that Mom officially adopted him too!)  He really is very special! He works hard bringing socks up from the laundry all day long.  (I keep telling him that’s women’s work). He insists on helping Mom because he is so grateful (ecstatic, thrilled, joyous….Keebie said to use all these words) she took him in.

We have a human brother too, Dan (He has really cool friends).   Every day, Dan stops and greets us. Old Tiger was his cat and now that Tiger has passed, we try to make him laugh so he won’t feel sad.

After a day of sock gathering

Dan’s socks are the target of Keebie’s obsession!  He brings them up from the laundry every day!

It may seem like a full house here but we are all very different and special in our own way.   Our Mom wouldn’t part with any of us. (I’ve heard her say it).

Our story ended happily but there are many more cats that deserve a good home and would give you so much love in return (and maybe do some laundry).

So please, if you have a warm place and a big heart, think about being a foster parent or better yet adopting a cat!