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2018 Orange Street Cats Facts & Figures

2018 Orange Street Cats Facts & Figures

2018 was a very busy year for Orange Street Cats Inc (OSC)!

OSC is a non-profit, foster-based, all volunteer rescue organization in the Capital Region of New York that exists to support cats and kittens without a human advocate and those who require special care including veterinary care well beyond routine.

Because we take the cats few other groups will consider due to age (either very young or elderly), critical illness, surgery needs, and extensive nursing care, our veterinary costs tend to be very high. And because we tend to refer “easy cat” situations to other rescue groups for quick adoption, our average length of stay can be longer than that found in some other rescues and shelters. All this makes our jobs a bit harder and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our 2018 Impact Through Numbers:

• Cats carried over from 2017:  53

• Cat taken in at Orange Street Cats during 2018:  127

• 55% were adults and seniors; 45% were neonates and kittens

• The vast majority were stray or from situations in which the pet parent had passed away or entered assisted living.

• Regular adoptions:  60

• Cats transferred to other rescue groups:  5

• Senior for Senior Forever Foster Program:  9 cared for during 2018 in the program

• FeLV Positive Sanctuary:  11 cared for during 2018 in the sanctuary

• One return to owner – temporary shelter for domestic violence situation

• Foster homes taking care of all these awesome kitties!:  50

Due to the nature of our mission, focusing on senior cats, FeLV+ cats, and cats needing extensive veterinary care, the majority of cats adopted (over 70%) were adults by the time of adoption.

Another effect of our mission can be seen in the 16 cats (just under 10% of the number fostered during the year) who, despite our best efforts, died during the year due to the critical illness that led them to OSC in the first place.

City Line Happy Hour!

City Line Happy Hour!

Join OSC and the great folks from City Line Bar and Grill for our first Happy Hour! There will be drink specials, small bites, raffles, and lots of fun! And a $5 wristband purchased at the door gets you 20% your dinner bill!

Thinking About Fostering or Adopting an FeLV+ Cat?

Thinking About Fostering or Adopting an FeLV+ Cat?

We at Orange Street Cats are thrilled to hear that you’re investigating fostering or adopting a FeLV+ cat. FeLV+ cats can live great lives. They deserve your love and affection as much as possible. Here are some things you should know about welcoming a FeLV+ cat into your home and keeping your cat healthy.

What is FeLV?

FeLV stands for “feline leukemia virus.” Despite its name, FeLV isn’t cancer. It’s a cat-specific virus that suppresses a cat’s immune system, which in turn makes a cat susceptible to illnesses that might not affect a FeLV- cat, including cancers, eye diseases, and stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth). It is estimated that 2-3% of cats nationally are FeLV+. In the Northeast, that figure is estimated at 2.9%.

How does a cat get FeLV?

The FeLV virus is transmitted via an infected cat’s saliva, urine, and feces, but it is not highly contagious, as the virus cannot live in the environment longer than a few hours. Cats can become infected through biting, grooming, mating, or sharing food, water, or litter boxes with a FeLV+ cat. Pregnant cats may transmit the virus to some or all of their kittens, although not all kittens born to a FeLV+ mother will contract the disease. Healthy adult cats are less susceptible to the virus; cats with weakened immune systems and kittens are more so.

FeLV Positive Cats

What does it mean to have a FeLV+ cat?

While FeLV+ cats may have shortened lifespans, adopting one means the same as adopting any other cat; companionship, affection, and joy for as long as the cat is part of your family. They require no special environment and can live safely with dogs, kids, and other FeLV+ cats. Ownership requires a commitment to regular vet care, a quality diet, and an indoor-only home, with an increased responsibility to monitor the cat’s health and behavior to ensure any illness is dealt with promptly. Most importantly, FeLV+ cats need someone who believes even a shortened life has value, and cats facing that possibility are as deserving of loving homes as any other cat.

What are the Symptoms of FeLV?

• Loss of appetite
• Weight loss
• Lethargy
• Fever
• Diarrhea
• Unusual breathing patterns
• Pale gums or yellow around the mouth and whites of the eye

Can FeLV-negative & FeLV-positive cats live together?

FeLV+ and FeLV- cats shouldn’t live in physical contact with each other, as the virus is transmissible among cats that groom each other and that share food, water, and litter boxes.

Can FeLV be cured?

There is currently no cure for FeLV, but your cat’s symptoms and secondary infections, like respiratory illnesses or dental problems, can be addressed.

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Is There a Vaccine?

A vaccine is available that is effective for older cats, but its efficiency is only 75-80%, depending on the vaccine. Therefore, it is recommended that FeLV+ cats are kept separate from FeLV- cats.

How is FeLV diagnosed?

FeLV is diagnosed through blood tests performed by a veterinarian. It takes more than one test to confirm a positive diagnosis.

How long will a FeLV+ Cat live?

Predicting the lifespan of any cat is almost impossible; it varies by cat as well as overall health and daily care. FeLV+ adults can live healthy lives for many years; a FeLV+ kitten may not survive more than one or two years.

FeLV Cat

How can I keep my FeLV+ Cat as Healthy as Possible?

• Keep all household cats indoors.
• Have all cats spayed/neutered.
• Don’t allow your cats to interact with stray cats.
• Have your cat examined by a vet every six months.
• Keep your cat up-to-date on routine vaccinations & preventatives, such as flea treatments.
• Treat illnesses promptly!
• Bring your cat to the veterinarian as soon as you notice he/she is not feeling well.
• Feed a high-quality diet and avoid raw diets due to the increased risk of bacterial infection.
• Discuss the use of dietary supplements with your vet.

The Bottomline?

FeLV+ cats can live great lives. They deserve your love & affection as much as possible. 

Orange Street Cats thanks Dr. Kelly L. Spence, DVM for her expertise and The Binky Foundation for their generous support of this educational campaign.

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Trivia for Kitties

Trivia for Kitties

Bring your friends and your love for trivia to Albany’s best new Irish pub, Loch & Quay (pronounced “Lock and Key”) on Thursday, October 18th at 6:30 for trivia, hosted by well-known local trivia host Jared Reed! Tickets are $20 per person, and you can come as a team or join a table when you arrive. Enjoy door prizes, raffles, and drink specials. Tickets benefit Orange Street Cats, www.orangestreetcats.org.

Mocktails & Desserts

Mocktails & Desserts

A sweet night to benefit some sweet cats and kittens! Join us for “mocktails,” desserts, 3 card tarot readings and more!

Cocktails for Kitties

Cocktails for Kitties

Say goodbye to Spring and hello to Summer with Orange Street Cats at Roux! Special guest bartenders Lori, Kim and Rob will be serving up your favorites and working hard to earn your tips, which they will donate to OSC! Joining us this year is Lauren, who will provide 3-card Tarot readings, with proceeds donated to the kitties! We will have elegant raffle baskets, a beautiful hand-made quilt raffle, live music, and so much more!

The 6th Annual Kitty Bowl at Spare Time Latham

The 6th Annual Kitty Bowl at Spare Time Latham

Join OSC for the 6th Annual Kitty Bowl

Orange Street Cats, Inc. is excited to announce their 6th Annual Kitty Bowl fundraiser at Spare Time Bowling in Latham, New York.

Orange Street Cats is a 501(c)(3) organization who works to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out abandoned, abused and neglected cats. This includes mothers and their litters, orphaned kittens, senior cats, and cats battling sickness & disease. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, OSC works tirelessly, around-the-clock, to give these felines a fighting chance, that no other rescue will.

The 6th Annual Kitty Bowl is the agencies most impactful fundraiser helping to raise critical capital which primarily covers the veterinary expenses of their rescued cats. Businesses & individuals can both help in two ways; either by becoming an event sponsor or joining us as a bowler or team.

Participate in the 6th Annual Kitty Bowl

We’d love for you to join us for bowling! For just $20 per person or $100 per team, participants receive their bowling shoe rental and two free games. The event features raffles, a bake sale, door prizes, and music by DJ Shel-E. You can raise funds to support yourself or your team by registering on our event partner. There you can create your profile, share your link, and help us raise money in the name of yourself or your team.

Click Here to Register

Sponsor the 6th Annual Kitty Bowl

We ask businesses to join our efforts by becoming a sponsor of the 6th Annual Kitty Bowl. For a $100 donation, businesses will receive a banner that is displayed over the bowling lanes for all participants and attendees to see. Additionally, event sponsors will be highlighted on the agency’s Facebook page, which has over 3400 fans, name announced during the event, and logo with their link placed on their website.

Download Our Sponsorship Form

More About OSC

Orange Street Cats is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency staffed fully by volunteers. All donations to OSC are tax-deductible and 100% of all funds are dedicated to caring for cats and kittens rescued by the agencies.

All of our rescues live in foster homes while we work tirelessly to help get them into their forever homes. We bottle feed kittens, are regulars at the veterinary clinic, and all cats & kittens are tested, up-to-date on vaccines, and spayed or neutered before they are adopted by their new families.

We hope you will choose to join or sponsor the 6th Annual Kitty Bowl and we’d love it if you could help spread the word with your friends, family, & colleagues. With your help, we can continue to save lives and help abandoned cats and kittens in the Capital Region.

Learn More About OSC

Check out how much fun we had last year!

OSC Adoption Event – Pet Supplies Plus

OSC Adoption Event – Pet Supplies Plus

We will be at Pet Supplies Plus on Western Avenue with our adoptable cats and kittens.

Victorian Stroll Craft Fair

Victorian Stroll Craft Fair

Join Orange Street Cats at the 35th Annual Troy Victorian Stroll! We’ll have a booth at the Arts and Crafts fair that will fulfill all your kitty needs! Keep an eye on this event for the growing list of crafts that will be available!

OSC Adoption Clinic

Orange Street Cats will be holding an adoption clinic on Saturday November 25th at Healthy Pet Center on New Loudon Road in Latham. We have bunches of lovely cats and kittens looking for their forever home. Stop by and meet our beautiful kitties!