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Roy, Abby, and Bella… The Real Story

Roy, Abby, and Bella… The Real Story

Hello my faithful followers!  Little Grace here!  I have what us writers call “writers block”.  I put a call out to my fellow Orange Street Cats to see if anyone wanted to tell their story.  Roy has answered my call!  This is the story of Roy, Abby, and Bella.  Enjoy!
Purrs!  ~Little Grace

Me! Roy!

Hi All!  Roy here. I figured since Orange Street Cats wanted a story I could tell you all what really happened with me and my new family.   Abby (her name used to be Lynne) and I were rescued when the nice people at Orange Street Cats (OSC) saved our Mama.   We were the only two kittens left after our siblings found their forever homes. We were getting up there in age (6 1/2 months old)…..Pretty soon we’d be considered old….
What we didn’t know was that soon we would be able to go home together to our forever home AND we would have a new little sister (who clearly needed to be shown the ropes….)

Our little sister to be, Bella, was found when she was only about 3-4 weeks old.  A nice lady (Aunt Rebecca) heard her crying in a rainstorm and went out to see who was crying.  Aunty R found Bella all by herself with no mommy, no brothers or sisters to keep her company or warm or dry or fed. No wonder she was crying! Aunty R took Bella in (despite being allergic to cats) and warmed her up, gave her some milk and took her to the vet the next day. Bella was really lucky. She only needed someone to help feed her to get her on the right track.



Aunty R told people at work that she had found Bella and was hoping someone would want to be her new Mom and Dad (she was trying to avoid the sneeze factor). Bella’s picture was passed around and it was oohhed and aaahhed over.   (They really like kittens and cats and even (gasp) dogs in that office.)

Well, our soon to be new Mom had lost her cat “Lucky” a while ago and had talked about being ready for a new cat.  The others in the office suggested she look at Bella….one look at the picture and she was completely won over.  Those big bright eyes and tufts of hair sticking out her ears sure did make her look cute.  (Hey….I am cute too!  Ok, more regal, handsome, stunning….eehhh hemmm…..lost track of the story a bit).

Bella couldn’t come home right away because Mom was cat sitting for our cousin Missy.  Missy is a little set in her ways (old fuddy) and would not have been very welcoming. Kind friends, Karen and Tommy, took Bella into their home until we could take her into our home.  Karen and Tommy’s house is full of animals, 2 dogs and 3 other cats,  Bella had a grand old time playing with them!  Here, she met Grover (originally named McGregor) who told her all about Orange Street Cats (Grover was an Orange Street Cat too!) and how he got to be in this awesome house with others to play with.

This is Bella’s Pesky look!

Missy went home (finally!) with her mom and now Bella was able to go to her permanent home.  Karen thought Bella might get lonely or scared being the only kitten in the house so she suggested to our (soon to be) Mom and Dad that Bella may do well with a brother or sister and meowed about how great the furry family at OSC is.

Well my Dad was looking at the OSC website with Mom and he took one look at me and decided I was the one! I would be a perfect big brother (handsome guy that I am). Mom and Dad called Chris at OSC and asked if we could get together to meet.  At first, there were some schedule issues but Chris, Mom and Dad worked together and decided we could meet at the adoption day at Miller Animal Hospital. How neat was that? A cool place to meet with lots of friendly people!

Shy Abby!

There was a lot going on and Abby was not as keen to be in the spotlight. She was laying low. Dad took a shine to me right off the bat! (of course….Stunning, you know!)  Mom had wanted to meet Abby and she fell in love with her.   Abby is a little shy yet she is a love who is a “little lady”; never in trouble and never gets caught……

When the nice lady helping Chris said, “Oh! This is Lynne, Roy’s sister”.  Dad (just dripping with sarcasm…he is funny like that!)  said “Thanks a lot.”   She asked “Why do you say that?” and Dad answered “You think my wife will leave here without Roy’s sister?”   What a relief for me – I know I can take care of myself being the big strapping guy I am but Abby is smaller than I am and she is a little shy and timid and doesn’t always stick up for herself.  Once I heard that, I could just relax in Dad’s arms knowing we would go home together…..The surprise was we didn’t go home! We went to meet our sister Bella and her foster family. Grover’s parents agreed to take all of us in for a few days so we could meet each other and all come home together.  Now there were 6 cats and 2 dogs with only 2 people to cater to our whims and desires.  Wow! Were they busy!!!!

Don’t I look regal?

We were able to stay there for three days and got to know each other.  Then, Mommy came to pick us up. We drove home and there was a whole new house to explore.  For a while, we only got to see 3 rooms. We even had our own water fountain in our room.  Our big sister Lady, (more on her later on) has her own water fountain also.  There are extra water bowls all over the house!

At first, we got a little jealous of Bella because she got to have more of Mommy’s attention because she was little and then she got sick- we almost lost her twice. The nice doctor at Chatham Animal Hospital, Dr. Amanda, helped take care of Bella. After a lot of love and time Bella is much better now – she’s still a pesky sister though.

Abby, Me, Bella

Abby took her time getting used to the new place.  She didn’t believe this was real.  She wondered if this was her forever home. Once Bella was better, Mommy started to find ways to make Abby feel special. She got brushed and petted first, she got her food first and she got to sleep with Mommy in the best spot.


Mommy lets all of us sleep on the bed with her and Daddy. Bella and Abby still get scared when there is thunder and lightning and Mommy likes to pet them all night long.

Grandma giving me a ride!

After a few weeks, we got to explore the rest of the house. Now, we have chairs to sit on so we can look out of the front windows – the birds and bunnies are a nice distraction.  We have a couple of other beds and we get to watch the bird feeders in the back yard.  The kitchen door has a view of the deck and we got to see a squirrel come to the window – it’s tail looked a lot like Bella’s. Mom didn’t take to kindly to my idea of having Bella and the squirrel meet, it didn’t matter that indoors was the plan. Sheesh – what did she think- I’d let Bella go out when I can’t?  As if!

We also got a grandma in this deal. She spoils us a lot (especially when mom isn’t looking).

Dad and I spend great quality time together. Dad wanted someone to play with outside and I don’t go outside.  He wanted a (gasp!) dog!  You know the kind of 4 legged furry thing that barks?!  Since we three “rescues” (We have come to learn that “rescue” means love!) worked out so well, Dad decided to look for a playmate at all the rescue groups.

Me and my Dad!

Dad went to meet Lady and he instantly fell in like (That’s right!  He likes her, I KNOW he loves us).
He asked Mom to go meet her too. Well, Lady came for a week to see if she would get used to us and if we would tolerate her. All things considered, it’s ok. Bella likes to get Lady going – sprinting and running by as quick as a jack rabbit so of course Lady has to make chase (Ugh! Dogs!)

Me and Lady

Abby and I saunter right past Lady and she doesn’t move. I think Bella just likes to get her going (I told you she was pesky!)

So now 15 months later, we have a furry and fuzzy home of 6, the 4 of us and Mom and Dad.   Who could ask for anything better?

What is the moral of this story?  Share the love, adopt a rescue!