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2018 Orange Street Cats Facts & Figures

2018 Orange Street Cats Facts & Figures

2018 was a very busy year for Orange Street Cats Inc (OSC)!

OSC is a non-profit, foster-based, all volunteer rescue organization in the Capital Region of New York that exists to support cats and kittens without a human advocate and those who require special care including veterinary care well beyond routine.

Because we take the cats few other groups will consider due to age (either very young or elderly), critical illness, surgery needs, and extensive nursing care, our veterinary costs tend to be very high. And because we tend to refer “easy cat” situations to other rescue groups for quick adoption, our average length of stay can be longer than that found in some other rescues and shelters. All this makes our jobs a bit harder and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our 2018 Impact Through Numbers:

• Cats carried over from 2017:  53

• Cat taken in at Orange Street Cats during 2018:  127

• 55% were adults and seniors; 45% were neonates and kittens

• The vast majority were stray or from situations in which the pet parent had passed away or entered assisted living.

• Regular adoptions:  60

• Cats transferred to other rescue groups:  5

• Senior for Senior Forever Foster Program:  9 cared for during 2018 in the program

• FeLV Positive Sanctuary:  11 cared for during 2018 in the sanctuary

• One return to owner – temporary shelter for domestic violence situation

• Foster homes taking care of all these awesome kitties!:  50

Due to the nature of our mission, focusing on senior cats, FeLV+ cats, and cats needing extensive veterinary care, the majority of cats adopted (over 70%) were adults by the time of adoption.

Another effect of our mission can be seen in the 16 cats (just under 10% of the number fostered during the year) who, despite our best efforts, died during the year due to the critical illness that led them to OSC in the first place.