Last year at this time, we were anticipating Orange Street Cats’ tenth anniversary year, building on the tremendous successes of 2019, and looking forward to exciting initiatives like our new low-cost spay-neuter program. As you know from your own stories in 2020, these things …. didn’t exactly go as planned.

But they say crisis breeds innovation, and innovate we did! Between March and October, we:

- Piloted a virtual meet-and-greet model for cat introductions, using video chats and phone interviews in place of in-store adoption events;

- Employed a very successful new foster-to-adopt model, giving new cat parents the ability to spend time with a cat, in their own home, before committing to adoption;

- Held events like Trivia for Kitties, Tarot readings, and yoga over Zoom to stay connected to the Orange Street Cats community;

And despite it all we still found great homes for our cats and kittens!

This year, we humbly ask that you please donate if you can in recognition of the challenging times in our community. Your support will sustain our efforts as we begin a new year, one that we hope will allow us to regain our collective strength as we continue to serve the cats and kittens who need us.